Thursday, June 21, 2007

Buying Your Contact Lenses from AC Lens

When it's time to purchase or reorder your contact lenses, consider getting them from AC Lens.

Even for first time customers, it is very easy to do. Simply click on their link, and select your lens type. At checkout, you will need to enter your name, address, prescription, and eye doctor information. Make sure you use there coupon code, and choose the free item you would like them to ship. Once you have entered and confirmed your credit card, your order will be placed.

You may then Fax them a copy of your prescription, but make sure you write your order number on it.

In each step, they will first sent your an email confirming your order, and then a second one indicating that your order was shipped.

When I just reordered, my contact lenses were delivered in 3 days. I didn't have to Fax them my prescription because they immediately called my eye doctor and confirmed my prescription.

In all, they were fast and pleasant to work with. Best of all, I saved money!!!

Friday, June 8, 2007

If you buy contact lenses, compare our prices and save.

As a contact lens wearer, I always buy a year's supply. Originally, I bought from my Eye Doctor, but then I looked online. I was shocked to see the difference in prices. I thought that the various retailer claims of saving 25%-75% was bogus. But after comparing prices, and talking to friends, I decided to trust these companies and place my order.

That was 4 years ago. Now I only buy my contact lens online and have purchased from both of these vendors. After rebates, I typically pay around $105 for 8 boxes of Acuvue 2 (a one year supply).

If you're like me and want to save money.

Visit both
AC Lens and 1-800 CONTACTS

Compare their prices on the brand you wear. I'm sure you'll agree that you will save. Simply choose the company that you feel most comfortable with, place your order, and relax. Your contacts will be delivered directly to your home in just a few days.

Monday, April 16, 2007

AC Lens offers the lowest prices, special offers, and great customer service. Their prices are low because they get such great deals on bulk contact lens purchases, meaning they can offer the widest selection of contact lens and accessories. They have many free offers and often provide a free contact lens case with every contacts purchase. In the past, their customers have received free webcams, free carrying cases, and other free offers.

Their unique rebates set them apart from the competition. Among their exclusive rebate offers include free gift cards to Amazon.com, an options card for GAP, Inc owned stores, and more. Add to this their standard manufacturer rebates and you can see how ACLens.com is the contact lens retailer of choice. Another reason everyone likes AC Lens so well is because of their top notch support. The ACLens.com client support has earned tons of praise including high ratings at online services such as BizRate. See what some of our clients have to say (pulled from BizRate ratings Nov. 14-16, 2006):

- "I have already recommended your product to others I work with. It is such a great savings over buying the lenses from my eye Dr."

- "I was able to fax my prescription and a few days later the lenses were in my mail box. Very good experience with them."

- "It took around 6 open days delevery from U.S to Canada which is realy acceptable, considering the fact that I live 200km from Montréal."

- "No problems with the order. Shipped within the day and received within days. I came away very happy and will continue to do business with them whenever possible."

- "i have ordered lenses on two seperate occasions from ac lens.. i am happy with both purchases from beginning to end"

Compare and Save, Visit: 1-800 CONTACTS

Perhaps the most widely known supplier of contacts is 1-800 CONTACTS . They have a huge selection of brands, all at competitive prices. Consumers order from 1-800 CONTACTS because they make it simple and convenient to order.

Among their benefits are ordering from them are: -- Quick Delivery with over 20 million contacts in stock. -- Free Lens Case on every web order. -- Free Shipping on orders over $50. -- Great value-quantity discounts available on most products.

So, if you need contacts, join over 5 million satisfied customers and order from: 1800CONTACTS.com - We beat any online contact lens price and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Order Today!